Investors - Why we're your best investment

Whether you are an experienced or first time investor, OV Homes has the properties, skills and professionals to show you how to generate true wealth and financial security through real estate, whatever the market.

We will show you how to lock in and maximise capital gains from day one and how to utilise the LVR restrictions to your advantage.

1. We are Investment Property Specialists

Whatever you are looking to achieve, the hardest decision is always picking a piece of real estate that helps you achieve your unique goals. We make investing simple. All of our properties are:

  • Brand new builds that are top quality but completely low maintenance.
  • Built in great locations where renters want to live.
  • Finished with high-specification fittings and fixtures, instantly adding value to your investment.
  • Well insulated, warm, dry and healthy homes.
  • Attractively designed and functional to live in.
  • Affordable!  Meaning higher capital gains and rental yields.

2. No Stress Process

First come and meet with us. Let us get a feel for your situation and what you are seeking to achieve. We will run you through how smooth and easy the process is. Our professional and friendly finance experts will provide an idea of your target price range. From this we can narrow the search for your investment property and ensure your purchase falls within your purchase budget.

3. We Help with the Financials

Sit down with our financial advisers to find out where the property and investment income will sit with your investment costs. Our experts will explain the benefits of investment property and work through cashflow matters with you. We will provide a range of property options that fit within your purchase budget and guide you through the benefits of each, so you can make an informed decision as to which property is right for you and your family.

4. We Know People

Leave the complicated and time-consuming stuff to us so you can enjoy the journey of growing your portfolio. Depending on your goals, investing can often involve a whole team of professionals (accountants, lawyers, property managers). We have great relationships with some of the best in each industry to assist you every step of the way. It’s really important to us that you are handled with the same respect and enthusiasm by our extended community as you are by us.

5. Sit Back While We Work

Once your investment property is under contract our construction team takes over. You will receive regular photos and updates as your build progresses. Near completion our rental managers will start marketing the property to find you the perfect tenants.
On completion we provide you with your house handbook together with keys to your investment property. Rest assured in the knowledge that your property is fully ready for your tenants to move into, and your investment secured by independent warranties.

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